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03.27 - Headline News

"You’ve heard of bike-powered gyms, but how about a bike-powered bar!? All you need is at least eight people, a little bit of willpower and a big smile to flash at all the onlookers who can’t help but whip out their cameras when the tandem bike comes rolling down the road."

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03.22 - CBS 5 News

"The Tour de Tavern is a 15-person bike that can get you from place to place on a night out without ever getting behind the wheel."

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02.10 - College Times

"Forget walking, driving or taking a horse-drawn carriage around Old Town Scottsdale – the most unique way to get around these days is on a 15-passenger bike"

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01.18 - AZCentral.com

"It's just the Tour de Tavern, the Valley's first pedal-powered bar-crawling machine. The 21-and-older ride allows up to 15 participants to travel from bar to bar in an interactive way."

"We opened up a card on Christmas day and found out this is what we were going to do together," she said, laughing. "We had no idea what to expect."

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01.16 - Yelp Review

"You should try this! We went with a group that took up the whole bike, but had we gone with total strangers, I'd bet we have been good friends by the end and have had just as good of a time. loved that we could play our own musice to pedal to."

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